Guided History Tours

Once again our amazing partners the City Guides and Westminster Guides will provide fantastic free guided history tours on LLHM 2020 race day.

The short tours will be lead by Official Guides of the City of London and Westminster and are the perfect way to discover more about London whilst cheering on a loved one.

Read on to find out more about the tours that were on offer in 2019.

In Westminster

Suffrage, Sacrifice, Splendour

The walk meandered through Victoria Embankment Gardens next to New Scotland Yard, discovering the sacrifices made by the armed forces since the 19th century; the fight for women’s rights; and the bygone splendours of the Palace of Whitehall. 

Prelates, Politicians and the People

Parliament Square celebrates this nation. The buildings around it tell the story - you just have to look closely and take your time.  The square even tells the story of London’s first traffic lights! 

Al Fresco, Aviation, Assassinations

Caroline of Ansbach breakfasted here and strolled along Queen’s Walk. Charles Green ascended here in his gas-powered balloon in 1821 and Queen Victoria was threatened with assassination. A clutter of structures, milkmaids and their cows were popular too.

The Thames, The Tube and Some Tweezers…

The Thames was once much broader in this part of town. The Underground now runs under your feet. No 2 Temple Place was built for Nancy Astor’s father-in-law and just behind it runs an alleyway that tells of Quit-Rents and knights of old… 

In the City

From Horns to Honey    

Offered the chance to discover the heart of the medieval City where tradesman and criminals were neighbours.  This short walk provided a taster of the early City where trades flourished, early business women prospered and debtors and highway men languished. 

Where London Began

Did you find out out why the Romans settled here and what happened next?  Starting on the spot where London was founded nearly 2000 years ago, participants walked through the centuries to the here and now and one of the City's newest, iconic buildings.

Ten Centuries In One Place

Exploring an ancient part of London where a lot of blood has been shed. The walk told the tale of the City full of kings, prisoners, executions and memorials to lost mariners.

If you missed out why not find out about other tours offered by the City Guides and Westminster Guides all year round.

Download a map of our 2019 tours here.