The best way to access your results and to allow your loved ones to track you is via the free LLHM APP. The APP is available to download via the Apple App Store and through Google Play. Just search for ‘London Landmarks Half Marathon’.

Timing points

Your timing data will be collected as you pass over the timing points on the course. Timing points will be located at the start line, mile 4, mile 6.5, mile 10 and the finish line. Your timing chip is attached to the reverse of your bib number. Please don’t cover, fold, or damage this chip as it could affect your results.


Your race times will be available live within the APP via the Predictive Tracking service. If you provided a valid mobile number during sign up, we will also text you your finish time after you have completed the run. Full results will be available post event through the  LLHM APP and via the event results pages here 

Tracking a runner

The best way is to download the LLHM Event APP and track them via the 'live tracking' section. The 'live tracking' feature uses sophisticated algorithms from the chip timing data to predict a runners progress around the course. Runners times will be updated live to the tracking service, which will in turn adjust the runners ‘icon’ on the map to show their predicted location on the course. Spectators can also follow a runner and receive free text message updates of their progress in the event by clicking here

Alternatively, a runners progress can be tracked through the web link here. We recommend that you pre-agree a meeting point with your runner for after the event in case there are problems with mobile networks on the day. 

Sharing live progress to Facebook and Twitter

Runners can sign up to share their live progress from around the course direct to Facebook and Twitter. To do this, within in the LLHM APP, navigate to the'Live Tracking' section and click on the 'Share your race live'  button at the bottom. Follow the further instructions and you’re all set. 

If you don’t have access to the APP, you can use the social shares section of the service to sign up to receive live posts to your social media channels. Follow the link here