The LLHM is committed to ensuring our event is as environmentally friendly as possible, while making sure the LLHM continues to be an affordable option for runners and charities supporting a wide range of causes across the UK.

NEW FOR 2020

In 2020 we are taking huge steps to reduce our plastic waste whilst still offering one of the UK’s best race day experiences for our runners. We will ensure runners can be confident they will be fully hydrated, whilst also minimising their environmental impact. By using more environmentally sensitive solutions we will reduce the amount of plastic bottles from over 90,000 in 2019 to just 18,000 in 2020. Our goal is to make the London Landmarks Half Marathon plastic bottle free in 2021.

OOHO Drinking Pods

In 2020 we will be teaming up with Notpla to provide Ooho seaweed pods to our runners. Notpla are pioneers in the use of natural materials from seaweed and plants, creating products with low environmental impact. Ooho pods are edible, made from renewable materials, 100% biodegradable and vegan. 

Refill Stations

Reduce your own impact by carrying your own reusable drinks bottle or wearing a race belt during your day. We will provide refill points for runners at the start and halfway point of the race. you can refill your bottles straight from the taps/jugs provided.  Please Note – the refill points are only for runners who bring their own reusable bottle to the race.

Bottles, cups and cans

• Any bottles used in 2020 will be collected and recycled. Please help up to recycle by emptying your bottle before throwing it into the designated recycle zone.
• All cups will be made from 100% compostable materials. Cups will be collected and broken down efficiently, in an environmentally friendly way.
• Cans of water will be provided after the finish line. Aluminium cans are considered to be an infinitely recyclable and more sustainable solution to plastic.

Participant communications

From pre-registering to receiving official finish times, all LLHM participant communications, bar the official race pack, are sent by email or text. By not posting additional communications such as congratulations/commiseration magazines to runners who have entered the public place ballot, we reduce paper wastage and energy use.

Race pack

For security reasons, we are required to only allow the official transparent LLHM race bag into the bag drop. We have worked with our suppliers to ensure this bag is durable enough to be reused by runners, ensuring it is not single-use and therefore wasteful.

Travel and transportation

We strongly encourage all LLHM runners, charity partners, performers and all other stakeholders to travel by public transport on race day. Not only is this the most convenient way for participants to arrive walking distance from the start line, but it also minimises congestion and therefore pollution in central London on race day.


The vast majority of our signage, branding and scrim on race day is generic for reuse year on year. In between events, our signage is securely stored so that it’s kept in good condition for maximum reuse.

Energy gels and sweets

Charities and other partners along the route were instructed not to give out individual gel sachets or individually packaged sweets to runners as this potentially creates waste along the route. Instead, charities are allowed to hand out sweets from large packets, the packaging for which can be disposed of responsibly.

Foil blankets

The LLHM does not hand out foil blankets to runners at the finish line as these are single use and not the most effective at keeping runners warm. We only use fleece blankets that the British Red Cross supply.

Discarded clothing on the start line

Each year we work with the British Heart Foundation to ensure clothing discarded at the start line is collected and donated to their charity shops. Over the past two years they have collected over 600 bags of t-shirts and jumpers equating to £6,700 worth of donations for the British Heart Foundation.

Race Numbers

Our race bib numbers are recyclable.  We ask all runners to do their part at removing their timing chips and making sure their race numbers are placed in paper recycling.

Race T-shirts

Any surplus LLHM official technical T-shirts have previously been donated to KitAid, who distribute sports kit to some of the poorest places in the world and Sports Traider, who use donated kit to facilitate or fund the community sporting activities they run.


The LLHM works with Sports Medal Recycling.  The medals and hooks are recycled, the textile ribbons are recycled and any packaging the medals are sent in are also recycled.  

Head office recycling

The LLHM headquarters are continually taking steps to reduce waste and promote paperless working practices internally. Our office has facilities to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and most food containers. We do not use disposable cups and have introduced a secure print function which is not only more compliant with GDPR, but also reduces the amount of unnecessary printing.


We are keen to hear what you think regarding the changes we are making and gain data as to how much water you drink and which types of water stations you prefer. So please do give us your feedback in our post race questionnaire or contact us on [email protected]