Miles 0.6, 7.6 and 12.6

With three cheer stations boasting cheerleaders, amazing singers and talented musicians as well as doctors and nurses their cheer stations are not to be missed!


Cancer Research UK

Mile 0.7

Celebrating London’s West End wonders, you’ll be treated to an acapella choir singing hit songs, face painting and cheerers dressed as famous musical characters.


The British Heart Foundation

Mile 1.1

You won’t be able to miss their red route master bus honouring London’s iconic red landmarks.



Mile 2.8

With a cheer squad to rival the crowds of Super Saturday back in 2012 Mind will be celebrating the Olympics and encouraging runners to achieve their best. Watch out for cheer leaders, Olympic coloured balloons and a fantastic choir.


Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Mile 3.1

Having been gifted the rights to Peter Pan, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity will be cheering runners on from aboard the Jolly Roger! Watch out for swashbuckling pirates, battle music and family fun!



Mile 3.6

As you pass three and a half miles you’ll be reminded to ‘mind the gap’ as you travel through London’s newest station! Spectators can climb aboard a land train and tip your train driver's hat to the runners!



Mile 3.9

To celebrate the 1986 launch of Childline the NSPCC’s cheer station will be a children’s party with everything you expect including balloons, music and party bags.


The Royal British Legion

Mile 4.0

Commemorating the end of the First World War the Royal British Legion’s choir will be positioned outside St Paul’s Cathedral.


Alzheimer’s Research UK

Mile 4.4

Based in Cheapside celebrating London's markets throughout the ages you can expect colourful stalls and classic barrow boy antics!


Parkinson’s UK

Mile 5.1

Focusing on London's street parties, you'll be treated to a steel band, games for all the family and an abundance of bunting and balloons.



Mile 5.6

Celebrating a little known gem amongst our capital’s museums, The London Cartoon Museum, there’ll be colourful characters, costumes and balloons!


Prostate Cancer UK

Mile 6.5

Prostate Cancer UK will be raising a glass to runners and championing London’s old and hidden pubs. Taking spectators on 15th century journey the dress code will be bow ties, top hats and Houppelandes!


Macmillan Cancer Support

Mile 8

Join in with a Macmillan Cancer Support's Coffee morning as they bring to life London’s first coffee house. Whilst you enjoy a cuppa you’ll be able to play games and marvel at a London skyline created in biscuits!


WAC Arts

Mile 8.3

Empowering young people to change their worlds WAC Arts will be showcasing the dance and music talents of young people whose voices are often unheard and hidden.



Mile 9.8

Being based at the remains of the old London Bridge Barnardo's cheer station will be celebrating nursery rhymes. There’ll be music to motivate and you may even spot your favourite childhood character!


The Alzheimer’s Society

Mile 12.1

Celebrating London’s beautiful gardens by creating a cheer station featuring their charity symbol, the Forget-Me-Not. There are plans to shower runners with confetti petals and brighten up the route with floral decorations.