Your Medal

As the LLHM cannot go ahead this year, as promised we're delighted to award everyone who took part in the challenge the original LLHM 2020 medal. Our LLHM 2018 and 2019 medals have won the 'Medal of the Year' award for two years running, so we hope you love the LLHM 2020 medal as much as we do. 

How Do I Claim My Medal and Pay the £2.50 Postage and Packaging Cost? 

To claim your medal, you needed to have completed your Local Landmarks Challenge or your Local Landmarks 2.6 Challenge and submitted a picture of your solo run by midnight on 7th June.

We have then been in touch with you by email to let you know how to claim your medal. The email will contain a link that you will need to follow in order to pay for the p&p of your medal.  Sometimes the emails can go into the junk/spam folder so please check here. The email has come from this address: [email protected], so please search for this if you can't find it straight away.  

Please remember to pay the £2.50 p&p cost by midnight on 16th June to receive your medal.

If you have already taken this step there is nothing more you need to do.

Can I Personalise My Medal with an iTAB?

Yes, you can choose to personalise your medal with a customised iTAB displaying your name, distance, time and the words 'Local Landmarks Challenge'. 

If you have not yet ordered an iTAB and would like to please click here

If you are an LLHM runner who has already ordered and paid for an iTAB you can include this iTAB in your Local Landmarks Challenge medal. To customise your iTAB please click here. Alternatively, you can claim a credit for your iTAB and use it in any future event you take part in. To claim your credit click here.

When Will I Receive My Medal?

The first delivery of medals was sent out from 2nd June.

To have received your medal in this first delivery, you needed to pay the £2.50 p&p cost for the medal by 31st May. To have received your iTAB in the same delivery:

  • If you had not already ordered an iTAB and would like one, you needed to order your iTAB by 31st May.  You can purchase your iTAB by clicking here.  
  • If you are an LLHM runner who had already ordered an iTAB and you would like to use it for your Local Landmarks Challenge medal you needed to customise your iTAB for your medal by 31st May. You can customise your iTAB by clicking here.  

If you pay for your medal or order/customise your iTAB after 31st May it will be delivered to you from 18th June.

Please remember to pay the £2.50 p&p cost for the medal and, if you would like an iTAB, order/customise your medal by 16th June to receive your medal.