Bowler Hat Send Off

Honouring the birthplace of the bowler hat runners were waved off by our bowler hatted Londoners including The welcome People!

Dr Johnson’s Party

We wondered at the world of wordsmithery (with help from our friends at Dr Johnson's House) as the life and work of Dr Johnson, creator of the English dictionary was celebrated!

Postal Past Celebration

The Post Office Vehicle Owners Club and the Postal Museum were revealing the fascinating stories behind London's postal history whilst the Royal Mail Choir entertained.

Bow Bells

The Bow Bells of nursery rhyme fame rang again to celebrate the event and also showcase St Mary-Le-Bow Church

Roman Reception

Gladiator fighting, centurion drilling and plenty of fun celebrating Londinium life in Roman times was had at out Roman Reception!

Suffragist Pageant

Our Suffragists were cheering on our runners as they celebrated their role in making history.

Harry Potter Party

Lumos Maxima! This year Harry Potter Party was an ‘illuminating’ experience where Wizards and Muggles alike got to dabble in the wonderful wizarding world.

Historic Finish

Our celebratory Historic Finish saw some of London’s famous historic characters along with present day iconic residents (such as The Pearlies and The Chelsea Pensioners) handing out medals to runners.


Download a map of all our route activities here.

LLHM 2019 Activations

Our historical and cultural activations offered a fun way to find out more about London’s ‘Grand, Quirky and Hidden’.